You know the ones I mean: those Power Macs, PowerBooks, iMacs, iBooks, Mac minis, etc. based on the PowerPC processor that Apple sold a few years ago. Sadly, support for them is dwindling, but the software is still out there that would enable their continued use.

Maybe you still have one of these fine old machines. Resist the urge to throw it in the dumpster and buy a new computer. The addition of more RAM, a bigger hard drive, an updated graphics card, or a faster processor might be all it needs. It won't be sitting in your local landfill leaching heavy metals and other bad things into your drinking water. And, you won't be perpetuating the evil practice of assembling the "latest and greatest" in low-wage sweatshops around the world.

Old Mac Related On the Web

Mars rover snaps new panoramic selfie Brandon Griggs, CNN, 8/21/15. Curiosity just keeps chugging along. Go PowerPC.

The MacMini G4 file server rican-linux, PowerPC Liberation, 7/10/15. I was recently given a late 2005 G4 MacMini with a bad memory module. Let's see what I can do with this old beast.

Ask Slashdot: If You Could Assemble a "FrankenOS" What Parts Would You Use? Slashdot, 7/5/15. It's a no-brainer for PowerPC users... Linux kernel, LXDE UI.

MintPPC and iLinux Back Up Dan, PPC Luddite, 6/28/15. There are so few of us anymore who are commited to actually keeping these old machines up and running. Jeroen Diederen actually has a life with children and everything... More PowerPC to him.

Pope makes ethical case for action on climate change Scott Johnson, Ars Technica, 6/19/15. "We see plenty of news stories about climate science and the politicians who reject that research, but not many people can command international attention by discussing the moral implications of all that science. The Pope is one of those people." I'm an agnostic, but I completly agree with him. This has come down to who on the planet Earth gives a damn.

If your Mac or iThing runs Yosemite or iOS 8, it can run El Capitan and iOS 9 Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica, 6/8/15. So funny... people waiting breathlessly to see if their older kit still runs the latest and greatest OS. Of course it does. Debian runs on everything.

TenFourFox 38 is GO! (plus: SourceForge gets sleazy) TenFourFox Development, 6/1/15. Thanks, Cameron, for all that you do.

This is what happens after you die Moheb Costandi, Ars Technica, 5/19/15. I know, not PowerPC related, but as Steve Jobs once said (when he croaked), "Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, WOW!"

The End of the Road for MacTubes Enabler, et al? TenFourFox Development, 5/7/15. "31.7.0 is scheduled for testing availability this weekend, just in time to upgrade your mother's computer, because she loves you and misses you and wants to know why you never call." Cameron, call your mother on Mother's Day.

Debian Testing for my iBook G4 PowerPC Liberation, 4/29/15. Debian testing is way too buggy for my tastes. I'm still trying to get Jessie to play nice with my ATI Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card.

Update: I swapped out my card with an ATI Radeon 7500 and Jessie runs just fine. Thanks for the tip, Zen.

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