You know the ones I mean: those Power Macs, PowerBooks, iMacs, iBooks, Mac minis, etc. based on the PowerPC processor that Apple sold a few years ago. Sadly, support for them is dwindling, but the software is still out there that would enable their continued use.

Maybe you still have one of these fine old machines. Resist the urge to throw it in the dumpster and buy a new computer. The addition of more RAM, a bigger hard drive, an updated graphics card, or a faster processor might be all it needs. It won't be sitting in your local landfill leaching heavy metals and other bad things into your drinking water. And, you won't be perpetuating the evil practice of assembling the "latest and greatest" in low-wage sweatshops around the world.

Old Mac Related On the Web

‘Mars Rover Curiosity’ chronicles robot's journey Christopher Crockett, Science News, 10/18/14. An engineer gives an insider's look at the creation of the interplanetary robot, Curiosity. Its brain is a radiation hardened RAD750 processor (PowerPC G3).

Raspberry Pi Microcomputer Still Selling Like Hot Cakes Natasha Lomas, Tech Crunch, 10/12/14. Wouldn't you think that Freescale could have put out a PowerPC version of this sweet little board? Oh, there is that profit thingy. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to teaching programming skills to kids all around the world.

Get your Mac ready for OS X Yosemite... Not!, Jonny Evans, Computerworld, 10/09/14. He's saying you need more RAM, better graphics, and a bigger hard drive to run the latest and greatest. This is something I don't have to worry about with my PowerPC Macs. Apple hasn't supported them for years, but Debian has.

Actual work on vintage Macs is possible Steven Hackett, 512 Pixels, 10/02/14. With the advent of the Shellshock exploit, PowerPC users need to realize that Apple stopped supporting their older OSs long ago. Yes, it is possible to use your old Mac as a typewriter, but anything on the web, forget about it, unless you switch to Linux.

Apple: Most OS X users safe from 'Shellshock' exploit, patch coming quickly for advanced Unix users Rene Richie, iMore, 9/26/14. We PowerPC users... not so much. I'm migrating all of my PowerPC Macs to Linux this weekend. No more older versions of Mac OS X, given that Apple has refused to support them with critical updates.

Bug in Bash shell creates big security hole on anything with *nix in it Sean Gallagher, Ars Technica, 9/24/14. This is one more reason to run Debian Linux on your PowerPC Mac... security updates and patches. Apple won't do those for you anymore.

Curiosity Rover Arrives At Long-Term Destination Slashdot, 9/12/14. Its RAD750 processor (PowerPC G3) just keeps chugging along, just like the one in my PowerBook 1400.

US gov’t threatened Yahoo with $250K daily fine if it didn’t use PRISM Joe Mullin, Ars Technica, 9/11/14. Hmm...Is this just another 9/11 story designed to instill fear and paranoia in the US public? Resist, sheeple! Disconnect from the big providers!

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